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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Air America Radio

So I’ve been listening to Air America Radio in the morning as I get ready for my day. For those of you who don’t know, Air America is a fledgling liberal radio network in literally dozens of radio markets in the country (it’s even on one or two of the large markets). It’s been an interesting experience. I provide here an example of their usual dialogue:

Funny Radio Guy #1: It’s 7:21 here on the Big Frog, 109.9 (quack quack). It’s Air America Radio and we’re talking about the Bush Administration on a Monday morning.
Funny Radio Guy #2: That’s right, Jim, the Bush Administration. Boy, what a bunch of dummies. Aren’t they dummies?
FRG#1: Dummies. I tell you, I’ve never seen such a group of dummies.
FRG#2: The think that bothers me the most is the head dummy…
FRG#1: Yep.
FRG#2: …President Bush. Man, this guy is not only a dummy, he’s a moron.
FRG#1: A moron.
FRG#2: The guy is just a moron. I mean, how come more people don’t see that he’s a moron?
FRG#1: He’s a moron, all right.
FRG#2: Yep. A real moron… a… moron…
(30 seconds of dead air)
FRG#1: Um, so yeah. Bush is a moron…
(30 seconds of dead air)
FRG#1: Let’s… go to the phones. Are you there, Tom?
Caller: I’m here, guys. I love the show.
FRG#1: Thanks, Tom. What’s on your mind?
Caller: I just wanted to talk about Bush.
FRG#2: Yep.
Caller: Man, this guy’s a moron. I mean, he really is. He is a complete moron!
FRG#1: You said it, Tom.
Caller: I’ve been thinking about it a lot guys, and I think I’ve come up with something new.
FRG#2: Really?
Caller: Yeah. Here it is: Bush is not only a moron… he’s… stupid.
FRG#1: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Tom. Are you saying right now on the Big Frog, 500 Watts of radio power, that Bush is stupid?
Caller: I know, Jim, I know, it’s pretty radical, but I’ve thought about it a lot and I think it’s what’s going on.
FRG#1: It’s 7:24 on the Big Frog, 109.9 (quack quack), and it looks like we’ve broken ground here on Air America Radio this morning. A caller has informed us that George Bush, the leader of the Army of Darkness and Forces of Evil, is not only a moron, but he is also stupid. I didn’t see that one coming, did you, Bill?
FRG#2: It’s something we’ve never said here before, Jim, and quite frankly, it’s long overdue.
FRG#1: Let’s go to the phones again. Conservative Craig, you’re on the air.
Conservative Craig: Hey guys. You guys are always talking about Bush being stupid…
FRG#1: I gotta stop you right there, Craig. We just today discovered that Bush is stupid. We have always maintained that Bush is a moron.
CC: Okay… Have you ever thought of actually talking about the issues instead of just hurling personal insults—(sound of phone disconnecting, followed by dial tone).
FRG#1: Can you believe these hate mongers on the right?
FRG#2: Just another one of those evil conservatives.
FRG#1: They’re just as dumb as Bush is.
FRG#2: Probably a religious zealot.
FRG#1: Racist.
FRG#2: Bigot.
FRG#1: Sexist.
FRG#2: Homophobe.
FRG#1: Just like Bush.
FRG#2: Man, what a moron.
FRG#1: What a moron indeed, Bill. What a moron indeed…
(30 seconds of dead air)
FRG#1: It’s 7:27 on the Big Frog (quack quack), after the commercial break, it’s special guest Alec Baldwin, who will share his thoughts about how President Bush plans to search out poor children, break into their houses, and steal their food.

It’s great to see that the level of discourse is so high. The thing is, this is really what they sound like. I couldn’t make it up if I tried. They have just gotten angrier and more shrill since the election, if that’s possible. I can’t say I know exactly how to deal with it.

It’s kind of like when you were growing up and you’d go to a family reunion. There was always that one crazy uncle who you could tell wasn’t quite right. He would just be talking, talking about something, who knew what the heck he was talking about. And you’d go up to your mother and say, “Momma, what’s wrong with Crazy Uncle Harry?” And your mom would answer, “Hush now. That’s just his way.” And he would just keep going.

I hope we don’t sound like that. I hope that we don’t just run our mouths to the point where no one is listening anymore and they’re just smiling and nodding. We have to listen as well as talk. If we don’t we’re doing the same thing as the lefties or (maybe) worse, Crazy Uncle Harry.


  • Sounds like the reaction to Bush policy....ie...Social security. "The plan is stupid" but no offers of ideas for what the dems will do...

    By Anonymous Microprone, at 15 March, 2005 10:15  

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